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  Museum's Vision: To be a world-class museum focusing on all aspects of Aerospace History.
Our Mission is to Serve the public through:

• Preservation and display of historic air and space artifacts
• Educational programs to foster the spirit of flight in today's youth and in future generations
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Second Quarter, 2012

Welcome to the Second Quarter 2012 The Legacy newsletter of the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum.  During the last few months, the museum has continued to serve the community by being open an additional day, hosting a number of group tours, holding a Spring Fly-In, assisting EAA Chapter 64 with Young Eagle Flights, and supporting events hosted by neighboring airport businesses.  The museum has received, or is in the process of acquiring, valuable aerospace collections from local aviators, the St. Louis Science Center, the A. Paul Vance Collection and the F-4 Phantom Society.  Two sailplanes were donated by Carol Bell, and plans for their display are underway.  Improvements to the gallery and hangar displays continue, with the addition of several pieces of artwork by museum Board Member, Mike Burke.  A makeover of the gift shop has begun, and will be completed in the third quarter.  Museum docent Paul Neff has begun to refurbish the Wright R3350 engine cutaway demonstrator that will soon join the museum’s collection on long term loan, thanks to Phil Bamberger.  And most importantly, the museum has gained in membership, ensuring that our legacy will continue to thrive.      

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First Quarter, 2012

Welcome to the return of The Legacy newsletter of the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum. The newsletter took some “time off” as the museum reorganized and modernized its operations. This edition will bring you up to date on what has transpired throughout 2011 and the first few months of 2012. If one had to categorize the progress seen at the museum in 2011, it could be called a year of transition and growth, with new leadership, new display arrangements and new acquisitions. 2012 continues along these lines, with major improvements in physical appearance and functionality of the facility now ongoing. 2012 also promises to be a year of growth, with bold initiatives that will gain the museum the national status it deserves as a legacy to those who built this organization over the last 30 years. To those who came before, we heartily thank you for your perseverance and courage to lay the foundation for a St. Louis area aviation and space museum. Today, we continue to build upon this foundation a new legacy for generations to come. We can look back on the accomplishments of the past, but we must also look ahead to the challenges of the future. So climb aboard, fasten your safety harness, and push the throttle forward into the promise of tomorrow.

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