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Museum Participates in Aviation Day at the St. Louis Science Center

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum participated in “Aviation Day” at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium of the St. Louis Science Center Saturday.  The Museum brought it’s BD-5 aircraft for display and set up an F-4 Phantom II cockpit just outside of the Planetarium lobby.  ”Aviation Day,” an event to promote aviation in St. Louis and the premier of the IMAX movie, Air Racers, was well-received by local visitors and included booths staffed by organizations representing the St. Louis aviation community.  Steven Hinton, Jr., Reno air racing champion with Team Strega, was also on hand and posed near the Museum’s BD-5.  Here are some views from the event:

Museum Receives GAT-II Multifunctional Flight Trainer

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum has received a GAT-II multifunctional flight trainer donated by the St. Louis Science Center that simulates basic flight, instrument navigation, and spatial disorientation for student pilots.  The base of the trainer supports three-axis motion in coordination with pilot input and instrument readings in the cockpit.  The museum already has a reputation for restoring the previous generation of LINK Trainers to working condition, and will employ this trainer in cooperation with Parks College of St. Louis University and other organizations in the near future.

































Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Builds Relationship With St. Louis Science Center

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum is building a mutually positive relationship with the nearby St. Louis Science Center.  The two organizations have worked together in the past, with the Science Center previously exhibiting space memorabilia from the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum’s premier Mercury and Gemini space program artifact collection, and currently displays models provided by the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum (previously named St. Louis Aviation Museum) in its Flight! gallery.  Both museums exchange marketing materials to increase awareness of each other’s programs and events, and each will continue to work together to promote Midwest aerospace history and future development.  Please regularly visit this site, The St. Louis Science Center at and The Aero Experience aerospace media site for future features.