mcdonnell 119/220

McDonnell Model 220 – A Current View

Recently, Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum President, Mark Nankivil, visited El Paso, TX where the only McDonnell Model 220 executive jet is located.  The jet, a development of the Model 119 that lost the military aircraft contract competition to the Lockheed Jetstar, has been sitting on the ramp at El Paso International Airport awaiting its fate.  The museum has an interest in the aircraft’s future, and has expressed as much to the aircraft owner and airport staff in recent years.  The path ahead for the jet remains uncertain.

Below are some photos from the recent visit, a Boeing photo of the aircraft in McDonnell Aircraft prototype colors, and a McDonnell Aircraft video of the aircraft’s executive transport mission.  More details about the aircraft will be forthcoming as available.

The McDonnell Aircraft promotional video can be found at: