kinloch field

Museum Curator Writes Definitive Article on Historic Kinloch Field

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Curator, Jack Abercrombie, has written another blockbuster article on early St. Louis aviation history – this one focusing on historic Kinloch Field formerly located in what is now St. Louis County.  The site remains unmarked, and this article has sparked interest in a remedy for that situation.  The article will soon be published on the museum web site in the Education/Published Articles section.  The abstract below gives a tantalizing peek into the 49-page work:

“Only a year after St. Louis saw its first flying machine, the Aero Club of St. Louis developed one of the finest flying fields in the country. An old horse racetrack and surrounding meadows and farmlands in northwest St. Louis County, Missouri were transformed into a home for three flight training schools, a flight test facility for checking out newly designed and built aircraft, and flight exhibition teams which gave thrilling flight demonstrations to various locations around the country.  Kinloch Flying Field held two large air meets and many smaller gatherings. New aviation records were set, and, for the first time, a former President of the United States flew above cheering crowds.

“For a number of reasons, the aerodrome closed less than two and a half years after an aeroplane first lifted off its grounds. One hundred years ago, 1912, was the last year of operation.  The Kinloch Field within the northwest quadrant of the intersecting Graham and Frost Roads, now within the limits of the City of Berkeley, Missouri, has long been covered over with streets, parking lots, and warehouses—all but forgotten.  This article traces the history of this remarkable airport.”