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Rose Church, Flight Nurse to the Astronauts, Receives Life Membership at Museum

Ms Rose Church, “Flight Nurse to the Astronauts” at McDonnell Aircraft during the Mercury and Gemini space programs, received Life Membership in the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum today.  Members of the museum Board of Directors hosted Ms Church at a luncheon and visited the Boeing (formerly McDonnell Douglas) Prologue Room Museum near Lambert St. Louis International Airport.  Life Membership was bestowed in recognition of her generosity to the museum, including the donation of an extensive space program artifact exhibit.  The Museum is very grateful to Rose Church and the other Life Members who have contributed greatly to the success of the museum.

Ms Rose Church receives Life Membership (also pictured, friend Frederick Wear)

Group of Retired McDonnell Aircraft Employees Visits Museum

A group of about 60 retired McDonnell Aircraft/McDonnell Douglas employees visited the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Musuem last week following their monthly luncheon.  Many worked on the Mercury and Gemini space programs, while others worked on missiles and military aircraft made at McDonnell Aircraft and later McDonnell Douglas throughout the Cold War era.  The museum has a significant collection of Mercury and Gemini program artifacts, and also features McDonnell fighter aircraft such as the F-4 Phantom II in its exhibits.  The museum congratulated the group of accomplished aerospace workers, and presented a personal greeting sent by astronaut John Glenn, third Mercury astronaut and first American to orbit the earth.  In the future, the museum will interview several in attendance that day for its oral history program.  Among the guests were Norman Beckel, group organizer; Rose Church, McDonnell flight nurse to the astronauts; Joe Dobronski, McDonnell test pilot.

McDonnell Aircraft retirees visit the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum















Group organizer Norman Beckel reads the greeting from astronaut John Glenn




















Norman Beckel and Rose Church react to the John Glenn letter