dobronski pilot

Museum Offers Signed Art Prints by Artist and Test Pilot Joe Dobronski in Web Store

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum is proud to announce limited edition signed art prints by artist and test pilot Joe Dobronski.  Joe began his aviation career in the U.S. Navy and later joined McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company in St. Louis where he flew jet aircraft from the Banshee through the Hornet.  The art prints include “Victorious Old Crow” signed by Dobronski and legendary pilot Bud Anderson.  The P-51 “Old Crow” was the airplane flown by C.E. “Bud” Anderson.  Bud is a friend of Dobronski, and worked for McDonnell at Edwards during the testing of the F-15.   At one time, we had a few copies of Bud’s book, To Fly and Fight, for sale in the bookstore.  Jack

 Also available is “VFR On Top” depicting a Beech Staggerwing above the clouds. 

Support the museum by going to the web store on this site to purchase a print for your home or office!