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Museum to Unveil Restored McDonnell Aircraft Factory Cart Used During President Kennedy Visit

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum will unveil on Monday the restored McDonnell Aircraft factory cart used by company Board Chairman and CEO James S. McDonnell to drive President John F. Kennedy around during his visit in 1962.  The cart will be dedicated May 6 at a ceremony held at the Museum, located at historic Curtiss-Wright Hangar 2 at St. Louis Downtown Airport.  It has been a part of the Museum collection for over 20 years, and has been on display there and at the St. Louis Science Center.  The cart was caught in the floods of 1993 when the Museum was located at Spirit of St. Louis Airport, and was later cleaned and again displayed.  The 2013 comprehensive restoration, funded by the Boeing Employees Community Fund, was completed by North Town Auto Body in Collinsville, IL along with:  tires, tubes and battery from Master Auto Care; battery cables from O’Reilly Auto Parts; keys from Village Locksmith in Collinsville, IL.   The Museum thanks everyone involved in the restoration process, including Museum members Trent Duff, Doug Bent, and Rick Rehg for leading this project.    

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Museum Visitor Raves About Experience, Writes Open Letter of Appreciation

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum After the Snowfall, Jan. 14, 2012

The following includes excerpts from a letter written to the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum from visitor, Rick Bates:

Saturday, January 14, 2012
Dear Mr. Turdo, Rehg and Abercrombie,
What a Good Day it was, to finally get to go to the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, and I knew that it would be worth a second attempt to go, and it was worth every second… Every question that you answered carried an additional few to a 1/2 a dozen more points that took my response into a the “Oh Wow Category”, which made a bit of a challenge to grasp it all.  You see when the first 3 or 4 of your points are so fascinating, it made it hard for my ears to hear with a mind that was put in “Awe” and busy processing and appreciating at the speed of your sound…
To meet a Steward or Guide at any Museum, is the best, because you get the story behind the tangible evidence and remnants of “Pinnacle Moments in Time and History” that hold the fabrics of the Character Traits, Life’s Work and Accomplishments left behind by “The People that Lived it, Made it Possible, and then Left it here for us to see, learn from and appreciate, for what it was, and what it helped to accomplish”.  But to have the Good Fortune of Meeting 3 of the key people who were so willing to share their knowledge and insight, and discuss at any length and detail, any question that you may have about anything in that “Historic Hanger Number 2 Museum”, well for me, that was just pretty cool, and more than I could have imagined. 
 If you need a “Hat’s off” recommendation that may help sway a potential future sponsor your way, regarding your Customer Service or Interpersonal Skills, or Your Ability to Present and PROPERLY HOST AND SERVE the best interests of THE MUSEUM WHICH THEY ARE GOING TO HELP FUND, please feel free to show them this letter…
I hope everybody that flies into the St Louis Downtown Airport, gets a chance to see the history that are working to preserve, and that they pass it along to inspire every person of weight with an ability to help you accomplish it, to a standard that would honor all of those who created, and placed that history, in your care. 
Thanks for the first part of the tour,  Carmelo and Rick, and it was a pleasure meeting you as well Mr. and Mrs. Abercrombie.
Rickey Bates