Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Library Receives Facelift

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum’s library is being renovated by hard-working volunteers, thanks to a generous donation of shelving by Barnes and Noble.  Museum members are installing the newly-acquired shelving units and arranging thousands of volumes of aerospace books and technical materials.  Future plans include the installation of additional shelves in the periodical and multimedia rooms of the library, and the introduction of a digital archive research center within the library suite.  Recent donations of archives from Parks College of St. Louis University, as well as from prominent individuals in the aerospace field, have greatly expanded the printed and digital archive collection soon to be available for education and research purposes.  “The museum is well on its way to becoming a premier archive and research center for St. Louis area aviation history,” said Carmelo Turdo, museum Board Member and 2nd Vice President.  “We will work tirelessly to make the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum a hub of aeronautical knowledge and activity to educate and inspire current and future generations.  St. Louis has a rich aerospace history, and we believe a bright future as well.”

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