Monthly Archives: February 2016

Museum Hosts Historic Bell 47 Helicopter and St. Louis Area Photo Flight

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum hosted Michael Sequeira’s historic Bell 47G on display February 20.  The aircraft was originally a Bell 47B, serial number 5, later converted to the 47G standard.  Several rides around the St. Louis riverfront were raffled and a photo session past the Gateway Arch was also flown.  (Photos: Carmelo Turdo and Fred Harl, The Aero Experience).























Custom Model of the St. Louis Robin Donated to Museum

A custom-built 1/72 scale model of the St. Louis Robin was recently donated to the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum by Curator Emeritus Jack Abercrombie.  The model, 99% or more “scratch built” from sheet polystyrene and rods, represents the aircraft that was made at the St. Louis Curtiss-Robertson Aircraft Company in 1928 and set an endurance record (using early aerial refueling techniques) in July of 1929 of over 17 days in the air.  The model is so detailed as to include a patch on the top of the fuselage representing the one made to the aircraft during the record flight.  “My reason for the work–to correct some misconceptions in both period and present-day publications about the remarkable airplane and feat,” Abercrombie said.  “The real 1929 event represented St. Louis aviation at its finest.”
The model will be on display in a special exhibit in the museum at a future date.

St. Louis Aviation Community Mourns the Passing of Bob Kraemer

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum and the St. Louis aviation community mourn the passing of Bob Kraemer, a long-time museum member and benefactor, US Navy pilot, CFI, Stearman and Pitts pilot and friend to many.   More on Bob can be found in his memorial here.