Hangar Two

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Makes Major Improvements to Historic Curtiss-Wright Hangar 2

The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum has the privilege of residing in historic 1929 Curtiss-Wright Hangar 2 at St. Louis Downtown Airport.  The building needs constant care to remain a viable museum space, and recent improvements are going a long way to make the facility more functional and comfortable for all visitors.  Recent and on-going  projects include arranging exhibits according to progressive historic time periods, renovating the lobby and gift shop, installing new book shelves, ceiling tiles and furniture in the library, and repositioning lighting fixtures in the main-level meeting room.  The influx of many new artifacts has also given new urgency to streamlining the hangar arrangement, with greater use of available space for our visitors.  The museum would like to thank Barnes and Noble for their recent donation of a large amount of bookshelves and furniture, and the members of the museum, EAA 64 and Gateway Area Ultralight Association for their assistance in making these improvements possible.   Please consider making a generous donation to the museum’s building fund by clicking on the Support Us tab.

Bookshelves donated by Barnes and Noble are being installed in the library

The goft shop has received new displays, and will be renovated in the near future

Museum Board Member Mike Burke works on a display kiosk

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Resides in One of TWO Viable 1929 Curtiss-Wright Hangars

1929 Curtiss-Wright hangars were once scattered about the U.S. at most major airports where Curtiss-Wright did business.  With time and aviation industry consolidation taking their toll on nearly all of these facilities, only a few remain in any condition.  We in the St. Louis area are very fortunate to have TWO of these magnificent historic landmarks not only still standing, but functional and occupied by viable entities at St. Louis Downtown Airport: Ozark Air Services in Hangar 1 and The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, EAA Chapter 64 and the Gateway Area Ultralight Association in Hangar 2.  Two other Curtiss-Wright hangars exist, one in South Carolina in very poor condition and another in “storage” in Oklahoma, planned for rebuilding at Wiley Post Airport at later date.  Restorations of the South Carolina and Oklahoma hangars will cost millions of dollars.  Curtiss-Wright Hangars 1 and 2 are pictured below: 

A C-47 low pass in front of Curtiss-Wright hangars 1, 2, and 3 in 1946 (Parks College archives)


Hangar 1 Curtiss-Wright Logo


Hangar 2 Curtiss-Wright Logo


Hangars 1 and 2 at St. Louis Downtown Airport, Cahokia, IL


Hangar 1 Now Used by Ozark Air Services


Hangar 2 Houses the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum


Hangar 2 During EAA 64 Ford Trimotor Event (Mark Nankivil photo)

The two hangars in the St. Louis area are showing their age, and also need funds for repairs and modernization.  You can help preserve these registered historic buildings and a living aviation history by giving generously to the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum building fund at: http://airandspacemuseum.org/ - Support Us tab.